Win Ratio vs Pumas

The Pumas was formed in 1969 and was known as South Eastern Transvaal, and they were based in Witbank, but eventually relocated to Nelspruit where they use the stadium that was built for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Since 1991, we have played them 40 times, won 30, lost 9, drew 1, for a win ratio of 76.92%

Our detailed record against the Pumas since 1991:

Date Venue Competition Result Points For Points Against Tries For Tries Against
05/31/1991Ellis ParkLion CupWin592211?
3/27/1993WitbankLion CupWin1161018?
6/29/1996WitbankCurrie CupDraw1515??
9/7/1996Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin2926??
7/13/1997Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin2726??
3/27/1998Ellis ParkVodacom CupWin242332
5/8/1998WitbankVodacom CupLose283034
8/21/1998WitbankCurrie CupWin442163
3/5/1999WitbankVodacom CupLose222333
4/17/1999RAUVodacom CupWin231822
8/6/1999Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin442143
3/19/2000Ellis ParkVodacom CupWin353054
10/14/2000WitbankCurrie CupWin7223102
9/30/2001Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin492954
8/30/2002WitbankCurrie CupWin363544
7/26/2003Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin383465
9/13/2003WitbankCurrie CupWin333133
8/7/2004Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose212733
10/8/2004WitbankCurrie CupWin442763
8/5/2006Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin7415112
9/29/2006WitbankCurrie CupWin8910131
8/20/2010WitbankCurrie CupWin333044
10/09/2010Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose273445
7/15/2011Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin312733
9/02/2011NelspruitCurrie CupWin342042
9/19/2014Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin291542
8/14/2015Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin442753
8/28/2015NelspruitCurrie CupWin411141
8/13/2016Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin6826104
7/23/2017NelspruitCurrie CupLost364356
9/02/2017Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin292854
10/12/2018NelspruitCurrie CupWin332153
7/13/2019Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin383764
1/2/2021NelspruitCurrie CupWin332533
2/26/2021Ellis ParkFriendlyWin322823
6/18/2021NelspruitCurrie CupLose103915
7/30/2021Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose333655
1/19/2022Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose95007
4/06/2022NelspruitCurrie CupLose104527
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